Palm oil wood: Asia trip yields important findings

On a tour of Malaysia, the palm oil wood interest group informed them-selves on the conditions for the sustainable industrial use of the raw mate-rial.

The group comprised representatives from Kleiberit, Leuco and Weinig. The itinerary including meetings with state organizations as well as visits to oil mill operators and other companies with a financial interest in the issue. The fact-finding focused on the usability of the wood and on-site experiences with processing.

“We made further important findings regarding process reliability in the production of competitive, intelligent products,” says Dr. Leible of Weinig Concept. The discussions also generated a number of starting points for future collaboration. “The willingness is there but potential investors must be convinced that there is an attractive, transregional sales market,” adds Dr. Leible.

Oil palms could solve the resource issues in the wood industry for many a product going forward. The plants are primarily cultivated on large plantations in Asia. Beyond extracting the oil from the flesh of the fruit, the raw material has been largely unused to date.

Would you like to learn more about the applications of palm oil wood in the reliable production of palm oil wood products? Our expert Dr. Otto Leible will be happy to inform you: