US Senator visits WEINIG / HOLZ-HER USA

On August 25th, our sales and service office in Mooresville had a prestigious visit.

The Republican Senator Thom Tillis, who represents the state of North Carolina in Washington DC, accepted our invitation and was informed about the Weinig Group together with the local incumbent to the NC House of Representatives, politician Rena W. Turner.  He was surprised by the variety of processes that we cover with our technology. President Jason Howell described the history of Weinig and Holz-Her in the USA. The growth of the company after the crisis impressed the Senator very much. The further growth strategy will secure important jobs in Mooresville and will allow for additional hires. Another important issue was the educational situation in the wood industry, which Jason Howell addressed. The representative of the Iredell county, Rena W. Turner, agreed to further talks with the goal of intensifying the cooperation with local educational institutions to improve the educational level in the industry. 

Our Vice President Sales Andy Turner also explained the importance of Weinig and Holz-Her for the American jobs as a whole. With our modern technology, we are enabling American woodworkers and industry manufacturers to remain competitive versus Asian mass producers and even to bring facilities back from the low-wage countries to the US. 

Advisor to the board Jens Frackenpohl from Germany also pointed out that this can only be ensured with the help of European machine manufacturers in the future. He added that there are practically no domestic technology suppliers to serve as practical substitutes in this space in the wood industry. Asked if the government would actually plan a "border tax" for European machines, Thom Tillis replied that currently he does not see a majority for this topic in the Senate. 

The aim of the discussion was to dispel the fears that the protectionist tendencies in parts of the US government could also affect Weinig and Holz-Her, and that our current growth forecast for the US would no longer be feasible. According to the senator's statement, a change in tariff or tax policy appears to be very unlikely at least in the current legislative period. After a tour of the showroom, the two politicians each signed a profile shaped as the outline of North Carolina. Tillis was open to further discussions and wished the team from Weinig / Holz-Her USA a lot of success in the implementation of the ambitious goals.