Prepared for charging solutions

Prepared for timely and profitable loading solutions

Prepared for profitable, state-of-the-art charging solutions

HOLZ-HER storage systems offer fully automated and intelligent processes as well as highly efficient use of available storage space. Sophisticated fully-integrated software with chaotic storage management increases production capacity enormously. From manual charging to automatic panel handling from a horizontal storage facility. The ZENTREX 6215 dynamic is perfectly prepared for mature solutions as well as for all sizes of shops and all types of applications.

  • Extended cutting width of 6,500 mm - allows the next panel or next stack of panels to be fed to the saw simultaneously while cutting is in progress. This eliminates waiting times and guarantees cutting cycles at maximum speed. It also allows large panels to be cut crosswise.
  • Liftable, floating-type workpiece clamps - with linear guide allow compensation of irregularities in panels/stacks. The clamps are moved automatically to their highest position at the rear area of the machine for prestacked panel stacks. This allows the clamps to move over the stack of panels, grip the stack and move it toward the cutting line.
  • Two standard longitudinal alignment units - for high speed, automatic alignment of panels or stacks.
  • Additional roller tracks - prevent remnants or thin panel material from sagging.