GluJet with invisible joints

Highly flexible glue application with HOLZ-HER's Glu Jet thin film technology

HOLZ-HER Glu Jet System

The clear advantages of our hybrid technology in combination with the new HOLZ-HER thin film technique make the Glu Jet gluing system the all rounder for craftsmen and industrial users. Invisible joints with PUR glue, which can also be used in wet areas, are an obvious choice for HOLZ-HER customers. Wafer-thin glue joints, easily equivalent to industrial laser edges, are easy to achieve with the HOLZ-HER Glu Jet System, which also offers unrivaled flexibility.

Starting with the state-of-the-art, high gloss edging right up to solid wood edging with extremely high cross sections, HOLZ-HER remains unequaled in terms of appearance, regardless of the material. HOLZ-HER sets the trends for tomorrow today.

PUR glue is the adhesive of choice for professional cabinet makers

Industrial technology for small workshops – with the HOLZ-HER Glu Jet system, you can process PUR glue as standard, just as simply as EVA glue. Persuasive arguments for you and your customers:

  • No additional glue basin
  • No expensive nitrogen tanks
  • High strength joints for extremely long service life
  • Resistant to heat and water, providing quality advantages in all areas of cabinetmaking