PC Control - with touch screen

Edge - Control - PC - Steuerung für einfache Programmierung und schnelles Einrüsten über NC-Servoachsen.

HOLZ-HER Edge Control

Ergonomic operation with rotating and pivoting 21.5" touchscreen control panel. Comprehensive program memory with complete storage of all operating data as well as service messages in clear text.

  • Fully automatic control of machining units at the touch of a button using NC servo-axes.

ECO MODE energy saving mode

This energy saving mode consists of an automatic standby circuit, which switches off all drives when a workpieces are not being fed into the machine. All motors comply with the requirements of the new IE2 energy efficiency class. If workpieces are not fed in for a longer period of time, the gluing station heater is switched off automatically. The machine no longer consumes any energy.

... simply press the button and the machine is again ready for operation. This is practical energy efficiency at the highest level.