Simple Handling – High Productivity

Original HOLZ-HER Zubehör - damit bleibt kein Bearbeitungswunsch offen!

Genuine HOLZ-HER accessories - to fulfill all your woodworking requirements!

Comprehensive line of accessories ranging from air cushion table in entry area to electronically controlled spraying units to make subsequent retouching work completely superfluous. Modular design makes it easy to add accessories.

  • Transport chain lubrication
    Intelligent automatic transport chain lubrication. Sensor-controlled unit, for metering lubrication to match load (optional).

  • Guide system
    For optimum guidance of narrow parts. The guide system moves along with the workpiece at a 90 degree angle right up to secure transfer to the machine (optional).
  • Air cushion table
    For easy and careful handling – even with bulky workpieces (optional).
  • Nesting package
    For concealed hinge holes or trapezoidal workpieces (optional).
  • 6-Fold edging feed
    With sensor for recognition of remaining length and automatic change-over to alternative edging channel. Including NC servo-axes for motorized height and thickness adjustment as well as auxiliary chute for feeding cut-length edging (optional).