Edgebander STREAMER 1053: Your compact start with HOLZ-HER edging technology

Die Kantenanleimmaschine Streamer 1053 von Holzher bietet den optimalen Einstieg in die Kantenbearbeitung

The compact class from HOLZ-HER with the designation STREAMER 1053 offers top edgebanding up to 60 mm and perfect finish. This edgebanding machine fits anywhere 3.9 m of space are available.

The edgebander STREAMER 1053 offers a gluing station, pressure unit, trimming unit, multifunction cutter unit and alternatively two finishing units consisting of radius scraper, flat scraper and buffer.

Here is what the HOLZ-HER STREAMER series offers

Here is what the HOLZ-HER STREAMER 1053 offers

Technical Details

We know what you need: The HOLZ-HER control

Mit der übersichtlichen Steuerung ist Ihre HOLZ-HER Kantenanleimmaschine einfach und schnell zu bedienen

Too bad everything is not as easy to operate as our HOLZ-HER controls.

With our clear controls, your HOLZ-HER edgebander is simple to operate intuitively.

  • The HOLZ-HER GluJet system is equipped with precise temperature control for glue application over two heating circuits.
  • Simple edge feeder switch-over from cut-length to coil edging.
  • Trimming unit can be pivoted pneumatically with control panel (optional feature).
  • Selection switch for optional flat scraper (ON/OFF).

Edging feed


Fully automatic, user-friendly feeder for coiled edging as well as single strip feeder. Gentle material handling with transport belts for edging transport and automatic edge recognition.

An edging separator is available (as an option) for practical processing of packages of edging strips.

The most flexible glue application system on the market

GluJet - Das flexibelste Kleberauftragssystem am Markt

Heat-up, glue change and cleaning require only 3 minutes each

No other glue application system offers this flexibility with this energy efficiency and cleanliness. HOLZ-HER thin film technology makes this gluing system an all rounder for craftsmen and industrial users. Visual zero joints with PUR glue – allowing use in wet areas – are natural for HOLZ-HER customers.

Starting with the state-of-the-art, high gloss edging right up to solid wood edging with extremely high cross sections, HOLZ-HER remains unequaled in terms of appearance, regardless of the material. HOLZ-HER sets the trends for tomorrow today.

Pressure unit


High quality 3-roller pressure unit for pressing edging against panel cleanly and forcefully. First roller motor-driven, two subsequent pressure rollers.

Pneumatic, application-controlled pressure unit (optional).

Trimming unit - 45 (60) mm

Kappaggregat pneumatisch - 60 mm
Kappaggregat pneumatisch - 60 mm

For straight or chamfered trimming on thin edging; unit to be pivoted manually to10 degrees, single motor.

  • Optionally available with 60 mm working height, pivots pneumatically.
    High quality version with stable cast stand and two sawing motors each on two guides.

Cutter unit

Fräsaggregat pneumatisch

Multifunction cutter unit for flush cut on edging with thickness up to 6 mm, radiuses up to 3 mm.
Including quick adjustment flush / radius as well as diamond tipped tools.

Scraper unit (optional)


Perfect finish – generous finishing area.

  • For perfect smoothing of radiuses and chamfers on plastic edging.

Flat scraper with plunge control

Surface scraper for the HOLZHER streamer 1057 XL for perfect finishing
Surface scraper blade for the edge banding machine Streamer 1057 XL for perfect reworking

Perfect finish – generous finishing area.


  • The application-controlled flat scraper removes all glue residues, which are then blown off the panel by the integrated blast nozzles.



Flat scrapers with pre and post-sensing

Flächenziehklinge mit Vor- und Nachtastung für Kantenanleimen

Clean surface finishing with pre- and post-sensing for high feed rates. 2 HW cutting edges, for use on 4 sides. Completely eliminates all manual finishing. Both units can be lifted automatically for special applications.

Buffing unit

Buffing unit for polishing workpieces in post-processing - edge banding machine Streamer HOLZHER
Buffing unit for polishing workpieces in post-processing - edge banding machine Streamer HOLZHER

Perfect finish – generous finishing area.

  • Polishing for maximum gloss; for complete finishing.

Options for extension

„Leim“-Rollen Sie noch oder sparen Sie schon?

Are you already saving?

Are you still "rolling" glue or are you already saving? Savings of up to € 1,000 / year with our patented Glu Jet nozzle system.

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