High-Flow Nesting Table

Precision-milled “High-flow vacuum table”

Nesting technology for rational production. With the nesting process, a porous protective panel – usually a thin MDF panel – is held down on the machine table by a vacuum. It provides a large surface for suction and serves to support the workpieces to be processed. Nesting technology allows optimized processing and cutting of panel materials.

Precision machined "hgh-flow nesting table" for an efficient and secure hold on your workpieces. The stop pins are anodized and run in hardened, readjustable eccentric bushings for permanently exact zero points.

  • For formatting nesting cutting plans on the nesting table.
  • Workpieces can be processed with manually positioned suction cups.
  • The HOLZ-HER nesting table has small matrix dimensions – of only 50 mm – to ensure maximum vacuum flux over the entire table surface.