Playfully easy implementation - with HOLZ-HER nesting technology

Playfully easy implementation - with HOLZ-HER nesting technology

Playfully easy implementation - with HOLZ-HER nesting technology


“Impressive, exclusive, unique!" - is the motto of the Möbelwerkstatt Schulte Company located in Merzen in Lower Saxony. Whether platform landscapes, shelving systems or wardrobes - this family company with headquarters in the vicinity of Osnabrück has specialized in custom, child-oriented furnishings. This company, specializing in custom-made furniture for young children started production the end of 2011 optimized with nesting technology from HOLZ-HER using a DYNESTIC 7516.

Furniture for “Young Explorers”


Children explore their environment by playing, using all their senses. High quality materials and colors are important elements for production of children’s furniture and toys. A mixture of smooth and rough as well as soft and hard surfaces provides suspense, diversity and a wealth of haptic sensation for “little explorers”. The materials used for production include Plexiglas®, multiplex, textile coverings, wood, metal, HPL panels and plastic coated panels as well as linoleum and mirrors.

Minimum cutting loss


Children’s furniture is small. Toys, towers and slides, railings, things to climb on with bullseyes, openings and handles - an infinite variety of small parts require formating and drilling to construct a child-oriented play landscape. Naturally the work process needs to be accomplished with as little cutting loss as possible. And this is precisely what is offered by “NestedBased Manufacturing” (NBM) - maximum reduction of cutting losses by ‘nesting’ the workpieces on the vacuum machining table.

Inspiration at the Ligna


Personal contacts and technical presentation of HOLZ-HER’s own portfolio quickly provided convincing evidence of HOLZ-HER’s excellent reputation as a contact partner. “After listening to a service technician at the Ligna explain and demonstrate the DYNESTIC, our decision was clear”, declared the senior partner.
Both father and son were amazed particularly by the immense time savings made possible by the nesting machine’s capability of cutting many small parts from one panel in one pass
The equipment was set up and ready for operation within only one week. “It took a lot less time to get started than we thought.” The program and operating instructions were extremely easy to understand and the work processes are well documented”, explained Henning Schulte. The 28-year-old appreciates the DYNESTIC 7516 particularly for its precision technology for detailed processing of parts with complicated shapes

New technology for higher turnover


According to their own information, within just 2 years with the DYNESTIC 7516 Möbelwerkstatt Schulte Company successfully completed significantly more that 50 projects with a range all the way to completely furnishing a nursery school room.
The time saved in production with the nesting technology amounted to nearly 30 percent. Heinz Schulte: "The DYNESTIC 7516 makes it a lot easier for my personnel to process large panels by reducing the physical strain. This makes the work a lot more fun for all of us."