Edgebander LUMINA Series: LTRONIC for perfect invisible joints with laser edging

Designed for highest requirements in terms of quality and flexibility The edgebanders in the LUMINA series stand for complete processing of modern edging and panel materials with invisible joints. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so that it is ready for production immediately. The LUMINA series is your guarantee for absolute quality, flexibility and productivity using high quality glued as well as laser edging.

In addition to our LTRONIC and Glu Jet systems, our LUMINA series offers everything required for a professional edgebander. Up to 18 NC servo-axes for maximum automation of all machining units with exact repetition at the touch of a button. Even the pressure and glue quantity settings can be made fully automatically and adapted to the specific requirement. The HOLZ-HER LUMINA with LTRONIC laser edging unit sets the highest professional standards for edgebanding, without compromise.

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Edgebander LUMINA 1380

Kantenanleimer LUMINA von Holzher

Edgebanding for artisans at an industrial level.

  • Invisible Joint with Laser Edging
  • iTronic for intelligent automation
  • Waterproof invisible joint
  • Intuitive Operation with Touch Screen
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Edgebander LUMINA 1375

HOLZ-HER LUMINA 1375: Your machine to get started with invisible joints - edgebanding at the highest level.

Your start with HOLZ-HER edging technology

  • Invisible Joint with Laser Edging
  • iTronic for intelligent automation
  • Waterproof invisible joint
  • Intuitive Operation with Touch Screen
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Here is what the HOLZ-HER LUMINA series offers


Laser edging on guild evenings

HOLZ-HER Referenzkunde Krocker aus Offenburg mit seiner Lumina 1380

The Krocker Carpentry Shop has worked with HOLZ-HER edgebander for many years. This carpentry shop in Offenburg, near the French border, places great value on quality and precision. Above all, the company’s wide range of products requires an edgebander, which allows maximum flexibility combined with quick conversion. The carpentry shop serves private as well as commercial customers and offers bathroom furniture, stairs and furnishings for offices as well as restaurants and physicians’ offices, all from one company.

In 2016 the carpentry shop replaced the existing SPRINT 1317 edgebander with a new, larger LUMINA 1380. These HOLZ-HER machines produce perfect invisible joints using PUR as well as laser technology. The machine is operated by the proprietor, Mrs. Krocker, the edging expert at the carpentry shop.

The Krocker Carpentry Shop is a member of the Ortenau Carpenter and Cabinetmaker’s Guild. In 2016 the Guild’s fall meeting was hosted by the Krocker Carpentry Shop. Representatives from the Ostermann Company as well as HOLZ-HER were present to introduce the latest technologies and products. Angelo Amico, Product Manager for Edgebanders at HOLZ-HER, held a presentation entitled “Two Ways to Achieve Perfect Invisible Joints by HOLZ-HER” and show interested Guild members, the technologies and innovations which make HOLZ-HER an expert for edgebanding. The innovative technologies ensure that the Krocker Carpentry Shop is perfectly equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

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Zufriedener HOLZHER Kunde Krocker mit Kantenanleimmaschine LUMINA
Zufriedener HOLZHER Kunde Krocker mit Kantenanleimmaschine LUMINA
Zufriedener HOLZHER Kunde Krocker mit Kantenanleimmaschine LUMINA

The next step to perfection with the LUMINA 1380

Reference custumor Pfefferle is delighted by the new edgebander LUMINA 1380

The Pfefferle joinery in Tamm has been a specialist in the manufacturing of furniture pieces for over 100 years. The joinery enthuses her customer base with high quality furniture and the love they put into their work. As of late, the master joiner Otto Pfefferle invested in a new edgebander from the HOLZ-HER company. More precisely a LUMINA 1380.

This serie offers a unique combination for processing panels: Two systems for perfectly invisible joints. The GluJet glue application system for standard use of PUR glue and the LTRONIC, the new laser edging unit from HOLZ-HER, are unbeatable in terms of speed and cost efficiency.

“Snooze à la Carte” with high quality water beds

Die Schreinerei Kobe aus Reutlingen hat verschiedene HOLZHER Maschinen im Einsatz

The Kobe Carpentry Shop in Reutlingen has been a loyal HOLZ-HER customer for many years. This year, proprietor Michael Kobe and his team purchased a new LUMINA 1380 edgebander. Following an AURIGA 1308 edgebander, a PRO-MASTER 7018 CNC machining center and a CUT 6120 horizontal pressure beam saw this is the fourth machine from the quality manufacturer HOLZ-HER in Nürtingen. Master Carpenter Tobias Ernst is enthusiastic about the new high tech edgebander: The LUMINA has a change-over station to ensure perfectly invisible joints with laser edging as well as with PUR glue without requiring a great amount of time to change attachments.

This three-man shop in Reutlingen has specialized in building water and box spring beds. It has adopted the motto “Snooze à la Carte“. The carpentry shop works with a state-of-the-art measuring system to ensure custom sleeping comfort at the highest level. The components and frames are produced in the company’s own workshop to customer specifications. In addition to high quality beds, in the meantime the carpentry shop is now producing more and more exclusive bedroom furniture and interior finishing elements. The carpentry shop’s products can be viewed in their exhibition rooms in Böblingen and Reutlingen.


Further images

Treuer HOLZHER Kunde Kobe aus Reutlingen mit LUMINA 1380 Kantenanleimmaschine
Referenzkunde Kobe aus Reutlingen für HOLZHER LUMINA Kantenanleimmaschine
Treuer HOLZHER Kunde Kobe aus Reutlingen mit PRO-MASTER 7018 CNC Bearbeitungszentrum

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