Know-how from the market leader: our education and training center

Whether solid wood or panel processing, to fully exploit your new machine's performance power, you must be able to operate it to perfection. Take full advantage of the expertise of our education and training center and arm yourself and your employees with the tools to get the best out of your new technology. All our trainers are professionals with years of experience. Be assured that your training with us will equip you with valuable practical knowledge that you will not find anywhere else. Professional training has clear benefits: More effective handling of the machine means increased productivity and helps to reduce costs. The machine operators know how it works - right from the beginning.

Taking ideas home.

One more question: Wouldn't it make sense to hold the training course where the machines are built? You will certainly gain lots of ideas to take away with you that will also be helpful for your production. Tours of the company will give you a chance to take a free peek behind the scenes. You will discover new work methods that can be put into use in your company. Exchange ideas with others and learn in the process.

Start now to ensure your productivity!

Only with effective training can you quickly get to grips with the ins and outs of your machine. Our education and training center is equipped with a machine fleet that is used exclusively for training purposes. Planning your success. The training program with all courses and deadlines has been designed to build on other training sessions. Along with the machine and software courses, we also offer meta training. The “Tool technology” and “Production organization” courses are examples of this. We also tailor individual workshops to meet your requirements and preferences.

Would you like to know more or do you need some advice?

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