HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC Series: Time savings in production with HOLZ-HER nesting technology

HOLZ-HER's nesting technology ensures efficient formatting and drilling on one machine. Here the panel is held by large-surface vacuum on a wear plate.

The great advantage of this production method is production of exactly formatted workpieces, already provided with groove or rebate in the rear wall and all required vertical holes for shelves, connectors, etc. Above all the entire process is accomplished without additional handling work and is therefore extremely efficient in terms of time and resources.

The essential prerequisite for nesting is, however, that the proper software be fully integrated into the machining process. Here HOLZ-HER offers a free-form solution for stairs and frame constructions as well as a purely rectangular nesting feature. With its versatile import possibilities for highly differing nesting modules as well as complete graphic control surface and barcode interface, the machine is optimized for comprehensive applications.

HOLZ-HER's nesting CNC machining centers allow cut-optimized machining and cutting on panel materials. The automation components for material handling makes the DYNESTIC series even more efficient.

All machines


Efficient nesting with high potential for automation

  • Even More Efficient with Charging
  • Machining Head for All Types of Processing
  • Machining in X Direction: Up to 6,405 mm
  • Machining in Y Direction: Up to 1,560 mm
  • Machining Heights up to 160 mm
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Nesting technology with Holzher

Perfect formatting work for full and semi-formats

  • Even More Efficient with Charging
  • Solid portal design
  • Multifunction Machining Head
  • Machining in X Direction: Up to 6,250 mm
  • Machining in Y Direction: Up to 2,100 mm
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Complete, integrated solutions from HOLZ-HER

Pulsar is a marketing agency seated in Dubai, and offering its customers holistic marketing concepts. The agency was founded in 2007 and has a regional as well as global presence with production capabilities in Dubai and Beirut.

The basic idea is to create brand awareness to win customers for a brand particularly at the point of sale. For this purpose the agency offers integrated marketing concepts, including everything customers require for comprehensive brand awareness ranging from shop design to digital marketing, events and promotions.

Since February 2016 the company has used machines from the quality manufacturer HOLZ-HER for production of high quality store furniture elements for the point of sale. A STORE-MASTER panel storage system was installed in combination with a DYNESTIC 7521 nesting machine and a TECTRA 6120 pressure beam saw. Moreover the company operates successfully with a PRO-MASTER 7125 5-axis CNC machining center as well as an ACCURA series edgebander from HOLZ-HER for realization of its innovative store concepts.

Among others Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Burberry and BMW are included among the highly satisfied clientele in the Arabian world, who are impressed by Pulsar’s promise of quality as a result of its investments in high quality production machines.


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Plattenlagersystem, Nesting-Maschine, CNC und Plattensäge - das Unternehmen Pulsar ist begeistert von seinen neuen HOLZHER Maschinen
Zufriedener HOLZHER Referenzkunde aus den arabischen Emiraten
Zufriedener HOLZ-HER Kunde: Druckbalkensäge, Lagerlösung, CNC-Bearbeitung, Nesting

Variable subdivision of standard elements

The Günthner company is a producer of sun protection systems that produce standard products in small series.

[...] The panel materials for the production of wood components are now being processed by Günthner with a complete solution from Holz-Her. In addition to a Tectra 6120 power plate divider and a Dynestic 7516 nesting machine, this system consists of a 5110 storage bin with ETR-300 labeling station, which supplies both dividing machines with plate materials. "We already had a saw and a nesting CNC in front of this combi-system, but they were both over-aged and had to be replaced. The storage and transport of the plates with vacuum lifters were no longer contemporary. Here, we wanted to relieve our employees and bring order to the camp ", reports the managing director. "The separate replacement of the two old machines was not an option. We wanted an overall concept. "

A year ago, Günthner looked at such a concept at another manufacturing company. It was clear right away. So he got to know different manufacturers and invited them to Rottweil to present their design. Finally, the decision to choose Holz-Her is based not only on machine technology but also on a good spatial arrangement of the concept, the regional proximity to the supplier and the conclusive software package. Since the end of May, the plant, which was built parallel to the old machines still working at that time, is in the house. [...]

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HOLZHER Referenzkunde zufrieden mit Plattenlager, Druckbalkensäge und Nesting-Maschine
Komplettlösung durch Kombination aus Säge, Lager und CNC - ein HOLZHER Kunde aus Rottweil ist überzeugt

Exclusive yacht interior with nesting technology

Reference customer Sinnex nesting machine from HOLZ-HER

Sinnex, with headquarters in Swabian Steinheim, specializes in exclusive and highly custom interior furnishings for motor boats and yachts, luxury hotels, private jets, villas and private residences, executive boardrooms and operas and concert halls. Attention to detail, dexterity and exquisite craftsmanship as well as mastery of state-of-the-art technologies are united to form a perfect symbiosis at Sinnex. This results in perfect interaction of demanding technology and superlative craftsmanship, worth appreciating.

“We combine state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship”, stated Alexander Höfling, Commercial Business Manager at the Sinnex production facilities in Griffen. “With our 120 employees, together with up to 500 specialists from a a network of cooperating companies, we cover all interior finishing work to realize exclusive and exquisite surroundings.” Work accomplished by the company itself as well as it network partners all carries the same common hand. Some of Sinnex’s core competencies are in project management. “In cooperation with many partner companies, each belonging to the best in their field, we frequently handle highly complex interior finishing projects as general contractor.” We use high quality interior finishing materials such as wood, metal, natural stone, glass and textiles, chosen in direct cooperation with the customer and architects. “Our technical equipment and organizational competency provides the base to make it possible”, continued Höfling, “to also allow traditional-working shops offering exclusive craftsmanship to participate in the project work.” This expands capacities tremendously, allowing us to provide exclusive, one-of-a-kind finishing work while always remaining flexible to changes on the market and new trends.

“One of Sinnex’s particular strengths” according to the 46-year-old nautical engineer, “is finishing work on luxury motor boats and yachts, whereby we handle the entire interior finishing spectrum from initial planning to final acceptance of the finished work.”

“To continue to meet the continuously increasing requirements in this high end field of interior finishing, we have upgraded our production line at our production facilities in Körnten to the state-of-the-art this summer,” informed Wolfgang Walzl, Technical Business Manager at Sinnex in Griffen. For example an automatic storage system from Barbaric was installed, and is being used to charge a new CNC nesting machine from HOLZ-HER. Procurement of this combined automated system consisting of a Dynestic 7521 with automatic horizontal storage equipment from Barbaric, was a reaction to the continuously increasing pressure of competition, explained Walzl, who has been active in the company since 2004. The new nesting equipment ensures optimum organization for the entire cutting process frequently involving extremely high quality panel material with sensitive surfaces. “We process materials such as chipboard and plywood panels, aluminum core and foam glass panels as well as even some laminated veneer surfaces”, stated 40-year-old Walzl. “The shaped parts produced here are either used directly in our production or are sent to partner companies in our network.”


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HOLZ-HER reference customer from Austria for Dynestic nesting machine
HOLZ-HER reference customer from Austria for  Dynestic nesting machine
HOLZ-HER reference customer from Austria for  Dynestic nesting machine

Playfully easy implementation - with HOLZ-HER nesting technology

HOLZ-HER reference customers for nesting technologies

Playfully easy implementation - with HOLZ-HER nesting technology


“Impressive, exclusive, unique!" - is the motto of the Möbelwerkstatt Schulte Company located in Merzen in Lower Saxony. Whether platform landscapes, shelving systems or wardrobes - this family company with headquarters in the vicinity of Osnabrück has specialized in custom, child-oriented furnishings. This company, specializing in custom-made furniture for young children started production the end of 2011 optimized with nesting technology from HOLZ-HER using a DYNESTIC 7516.

Furniture for “Young Explorers”


Children explore their environment by playing, using all their senses. High quality materials and colors are important elements for production of children’s furniture and toys. A mixture of smooth and rough as well as soft and hard surfaces provides suspense, diversity and a wealth of haptic sensation for “little explorers”. The materials used for production include Plexiglas®, multiplex, textile coverings, wood, metal, HPL panels and plastic coated panels as well as linoleum and mirrors.

Minimum cutting loss


Children’s furniture is small. Toys, towers and slides, railings, things to climb on with bullseyes, openings and handles - an infinite variety of small parts require formating and drilling to construct a child-oriented play landscape. Naturally the work process needs to be accomplished with as little cutting loss as possible. And this is precisely what is offered by “NestedBased Manufacturing” (NBM) - maximum reduction of cutting losses by ‘nesting’ the workpieces on the vacuum machining table.

Inspiration at the Ligna


Personal contacts and technical presentation of HOLZ-HER’s own portfolio quickly provided convincing evidence of HOLZ-HER’s excellent reputation as a contact partner. “After listening to a service technician at the Ligna explain and demonstrate the DYNESTIC, our decision was clear”, declared the senior partner.
Both father and son were amazed particularly by the immense time savings made possible by the nesting machine’s capability of cutting many small parts from one panel in one pass
The equipment was set up and ready for operation within only one week. “It took a lot less time to get started than we thought.” The program and operating instructions were extremely easy to understand and the work processes are well documented”, explained Henning Schulte. The 28-year-old appreciates the DYNESTIC 7516 particularly for its precision technology for detailed processing of parts with complicated shapes

New technology for higher turnover


According to their own information, within just 2 years with the DYNESTIC 7516 Möbelwerkstatt Schulte Company successfully completed significantly more that 50 projects with a range all the way to completely furnishing a nursery school room.
The time saved in production with the nesting technology amounted to nearly 30 percent. Heinz Schulte: "The DYNESTIC 7516 makes it a lot easier for my personnel to process large panels by reducing the physical strain. This makes the work a lot more fun for all of us."

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