Kitchen business is hot for this inventive Hobart couple

HOLZHER Australia reference customer Ezikit edgebander Lumina

The kitchen business is hot and designer Adrian McKenna likes it that way. Adrian and his wife Kiri are cooking up a storm at their Ezikit factory and showing it off at their new showroom in Hobart thanks to German ingenuity and precision in the shape of a new Holz-Her Lumina 1375 edgebander that has carved away man hours and raised production to record levels. [...]

A former draftsman and building designer specialising in 3D visualisation, Adrian says the Lumina 1375 edgebander - launched at Ligna Hannover last year - has stepped up Ezikit’s production on many levels, enabling their current expansion. “It’s a set-and-forget machine,” he says. “It’s the hub of our manufacturing process.” That means simple handling and high productivity and 100% repetition accuracy.“Edge work in the past – we’ve used three different edgebanders - absorbed a lot of time, post-edging to achieve acceptable levels. With the Lumina we’re saving two to three man hours a day, production is ‘clean’ and we don’t have to attend to anything.” [...]

  • Text and images AWISA | Extract from AWISA The Magazine 34/2018, p. 52-53, Published by the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited