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CNC machines PRO-MASTER 72 series: Master extreme machining dimensions in wood machining with confidence

Step up to the next generation of CNC machining with the 72 PRO-MASTER series from HOLZ-HER. The 72 series CNC machining centers are distinguished particularly by their extreme machining dimensions and perfect cutting results as well as high material removal rates.

Generous machining dimensions for the console table with up to 7,200 mm in the X direction and 1,600 mm in the Y direction as well as a Z stroke of 565 mm provide for highly variable, custom machining on the 72 series CNC machines.

The 72 series is completed by a versatile and comprehensive range of optional equipment to satisfy all desires, allowing each CNC machining center to be configured optimally for applications in the fields of furniture production, staircase construction and model making as well as machining solid wood.

The 4-axis PRO-MASTER 7222 and the 5-axis PRO-MASTER 7225 have an enormous machining capacity with effective machining height of 300 mm - from the top of the suction cups.

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CNC PRO-MASTER 7225 Black Matrix machining center

5-axis PRO-MASTER Black Matrix CNC machine from HOLZHER - wood and panel machining at the highest level

Excellent machining results with 5 interpolating axes

  • Full Interpolating 5-Axis Head
  • Multifunction Machining Head
  • Highly Flexible Table Concepts
  • Tool changer for variable machining
  • Extreme Acceleration Values
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CNC machining center PRO-MASTER 7225

CNC Maschine Promaster Holzher

The power package with leading 5-axis technology

  • Full Interpolating 5-Axis Head
  • Multifunction Machining Head
  • Highly Flexible Table Concepts
  • Tool Changer for Variable Machining
  • Extreme Acceleration Values
Detail page  PRO-MASTER 7225

CNC machining center PRO-MASTER 7222

3- or 4-axes CNC processing center for panel and wood processing

Powerful high end CNC with 3 or 4 axes

  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Multifunction Machining Head
  • Highly Flexible Table Concepts
  • Tool Changer for Variable Machining
  • Extreme Acceleration Values
Detail page  PRO-MASTER 7222


Edgebanding, CNC & complete machine united in production

Holzher reference - complete CNC machining, edgebanding - positive experience with HOLZ-HER machines

The Henss Interior Finishing Company in Feldkirch, better known as AUF&ZU (OPEN&CLOSE), is a satisfied HOLZ-HER customer, and, in the meantime, uses a majority of the production machines from the traditional manufacturer in Nürtingen.

The brand AUF&ZU is the result of decades of experience in interior finishing work. Starting with sliding doors, the idea was transferred to cabinet design. The cabinets have become rooms, where every inch of the room is used for a practical purpose. The AUF&ZU systems are planned to meet specific needs and visually matched to the tastes of the customer - without being subject to any limitations in design. Over 60 years of experience in the branch, has resulted in know-how appreciated by many regular customers.

All of the company’s products are produce in their own shop. Since 2013 AUF&ZU has used HOLZ-HER machines for its production. Products already installed include a PRO-MASTER 7225 5-axis machining center as well as an EVOLUTION 7405 vertical CNC machining center for complete machining of all types of work. In addition to CNC machining, the company also used edgebanders from HOLZ-HER. Currently the predecessor model of the ACCURA is installed: an ARCUS 1334.

HOLZ-HER machines represent everything important for the AUF&ZU Company: Precision work, state-of-the-art engineering and use of European products, to produce high quality, enduring products for the customers.

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Positive experience with HOLZ-HER machines: 5-axis CNC, edgebanders, 4-side machining
Positive experience/references with machines from HOLZ-HER: many years of using HOLZ-HER machines

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