Doors Ready - The optional door package for the EVOLUTION CNC machine

The EVOLUTION models are even more flexible in their use due to the increased opening dimension of 1200 mm in the workpiece height.

A completely new and optional EVOLUTION door package consisting of a specially developed angular gear for lock cases and a lock case milling cutter extends the possibilities of the vertical CNC from HOLZ-HER.

The door package allows the complete machining of door sheets up to a maximum thickness of 70 mm. The hinge side and the lock side are machined in two clamping operations. The supplied Ø 16 mm end milling cutter allows a milling depth of up to 115 mm and thus enables the insertion of lock cases with different dimensions. Handle and lock holes can also be precisely drilled using HOPS macros. After turning the door leaf, hinges for rebated doors as well as concealed hinges or fittings for object doors can be inserted in the second clamping.