Moving towards Industry 4.0: satisfying your requirements drives us forward

Intelligent networked systems play a central role in the efficiency of your production. In the W4.0 Digital standard, the WEINIG Group offers you targeted solutions that place the highest priority on customer benefits.

The key megatrend in the wood sector is Industry 4.0. However, digitization for its own sake does not guarantee success. You have only made the right investment decision if it gives you a competitive advantage. Your solution should make you more efficient and facilitate resource-saving planning, production and maintenance. Intelligent networking can provide crucial support in this regard. However, it is essential to engage the person handling the system. WEINIG systems are user-friendly and channel the flood of data. Our technologies provide you with the right information at the right time, regardless of the size of your company.    

W4.0 digital: The future is here

In System Plus, we offer a solution for the perfectly organized working environment. System Plus links all process stages from the idea to the finished profile. 

WEINIG Solid Woodwork Flow (solid WF) also guarantees significant improvements in efficiency. All standard sector software can be seamlessly connected via master computer control, opening up the production system to a wide range of working environments. Profiling, cutting and automation from WEINIG, combined with the Conturex centerpiece, create a highly-efficient production cell for windows, doors, conservatories and furniture. 

Millvision and Envision use WEINIG and HOLZ-HER technology to link all processes from the incoming order via cutting to the finished product. For smaller operations, the “smart workshop” from HOLZ-HER is ideal. The intelligent connection of a pressure beam saw or nesting machines to an automated panel store ensures optimal system utilization and increases productivity. Meanwhile, WEINIG’s OptiPal production software enables intelligent cutting list creation for pallet and crate production.  

Your WEINIG expert will be happy to help you configure an entire system perfectly tailored to your individual requirements. The WEINIG Group’s unique and modular complete offering is ideally suited to providing an option with maximum customer benefits. 

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