New ProfiPress T Next Generation

The automatic gluing press is a completely new development in every respect. With 25 percent more output, the ProfiPress T Next Generation significantly surpasses its predecessors.

The leap in performance is principally attributable to the faster packaging and increased high-frequency entry. The so-called selective heating also plays a central role. During this process, the joint is only heated from the inside, resulting in shorter press times among other benefits.

ProfiPress T Next Generation customer benefits:

  • Automatic gluing
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Defined glue application
  • Glue savings
  • NEW Cylinders that can be switched off
  • Short auxiliary processing times
  • NEW Automatic wood thickness setting
  • No operating errors
  • NEW Increased pressing force
  • Optimal joint quality
  • NEU Improved top pressure
  • Minimal height offset, less grinding required
  • Simultaneous filling and emptying of the press
  • High availability
  • High-performance packaging
  • Increased performance via improved high-frequency entry

Photo:  WEINIG ProfiPress Next Generation