Now new: The EVOLUTION 7402 as 4mat version

With the new EVOLUTION 7402 4mat, you are perfectly equipped for 4-sided formatting, for cutouts and pockets and complete drilling.

This milling and drilling center is already equipped with a powerful 5.6 kW spindle as a standard feature and can also be equipped with an optional 7.5 kW spindle with HSK chuck. This makes tool changes possible within seconds at the touch of a button. The EVOLUTION 7402 4mat offers complete CNC machining with extremely low space requirements. Here a few equipment features on the new EVOLUTION 7402 4mat: - Powerful 5.6 kW spindle - Optional 7.5 kW spindle with HSK chuck and tool change at the touch of a button - Gentle workpiece transport with vacuum - Completely equipped with drilling head and grooving saw - Optional XL drilling head