Technology: New ProfiRip 340 multi-blade rip saw

The completely newly developed multi-blade buzz saw offers up to 3-fold blade adjustment The integrated TimberMax software ensures particularly high wood recovery.

The quality optimization in 2D takes into consideration the required part lengths during ripping. Minimal set-up times and high user-friendliness are among the other attributes of the ProfiRip 340. This includes the Quickfix quick clamping system, which allows the fixed saw blades to be clamped without tools.

ProfiRip 340 customer benefits:

  • Glueable cut 
  • Greater timber yield thanks to ProfiCut Direct controls with touchscreen
  • Greater timber yield thanks to laser-supported TimberMax software
  • Up to 3-fold blade adjustment with extended slider or chipper
  • Lightning-fast retooling without tools with QuickFix
  • Reliable tool clamping with the multi-purpose pressure unit
  • Precise material transport via chain feed
  • Simple width optimization with RipAssist
  • Optimal work safety with the patented SafetyPlus concept 

Photo: WEINIG ProfiRip 340