W4.0 digital: WEINIG standard continues to set benchmarks

Networking and digitization are increasingly decisive for the efficiency of an operation. In Nuremberg, we will present the new world of production in its entire bandwidth. This includes new solutions with plenty of added value for you.

Two of the three Powermat moulders in Nuremberg will feature the high-performance control system. PowerCom Plus. Thanks to its smart services, PowerCom Plus is an ideal solution for integrating Powermat automatic moulders into an industry 4.0 system.

New: Control sensor technology prevents machine breakdowns

A high degree of machine availability is a prerequisite for profitable production. The new WEINIG spindle temperature monitoring makes an important contribution towards this objective. When a threshold is exceeded, the machine operator initially receives a warning on the touchscreen. If the temperature continues to increase, the spindles and feed are automatically switched off. Such preventative measures allow you to identify bearing damage prematurely and reduce repair costs. You also avoid consequential damage to the spindles and surrounding components through fire, for example.

Spindle temperature monitoring is a worthwhile investment for all WEINIG automatic moulders. However, we particularly recommend it for multi-shift operation, for machines integrated into production lines and where large batch sizes and/or high feed speeds are involved.

High-performance PowerCom Plus

The latest generation of the PowerCom Plus controls manages your profiles, your machine and operating data and the sequence of operations. Information for all major set-up issues, such as tool assignment, can be viewed on the touchscreen. The spindles can be positioned at the touch of a button. The system also networks your moulder with peripherals or even a complete production line.

PowerCom Plus increases your productivity, ensures fault-free set-up and optimizes your production processes. The control system also ensures that maintenance tasks can be planned and enables rapid servicing via remote diagnostics. Unplanned downtime can also be reduced to a minimum thanks to PowerCom's smart services.

Service app upgrade

The successful WEINIG Service App will also be in the spotlight in Nuremberg. In the new version, WEINIG is taking monitoring to the next level. New features include monitoring spindle temperature on the display. The operator receives warnings directly from the PowerCom controls and is now able to respond immediately from any position.

WEINIG window production enters the digital age

The virtual tour of WEINIG Solid WF promises to be a particular highlight on the stand. You will have the opportunity to look inside a Conturex system with the highest level of equipment using 3D glasses. Cutting-edge technology, integrated production and networking in the WEINIG W4.0 digital standard will come together to provide a spectacular experience. The individual visual experience will be broadcast live to spectators outside of the black box.

Smart panel production

HOLZ-HER will demonstrate on the stand how a profitable smart workshop can evolve for businesses of all sizes in combination with the Store-Master intelligent panel store and material handling system.